Hello! My name is Claudio Damicelli, and I wish to introduce by means of this website my IT Consulting and Web Design services for small businesses.

With technology changing rapidly, it is hard for business owners to keep up. Having the right IT consultant manage the analysis and implementation of available technology can make a big difference to the bottom line, and between failure or success.

I can help you perform an evaluation of the technology available to your industry, compare against your competitors, and identify manual processes that can be replaced with technology to give you  an edge over your competition.

I can assist your business in choosing the right technology to fit your  unique business’ need. Knowing the right solution and having the ability to implement it quickly can make the difference between meeting business goals and not.

When it comes to small businesses, taking advantage of the latest technologies, and keeping your systems operational and ahead of the curve doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I make IT affordable. I’ve been giving personalized services for over 20 years to all of Los Angeles and Orange counties in California, USA.

Please visit the rest of this site to know more about my services, look at my work portfolio, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me  for a free consultation.

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